This village is located within the jurisdiction of Kotulpur Police Station in Vishnupur Subdivision of Bankura District. It stands about three miles to the west of Kamarpukur and two miles to the east of Sihar - the birthplace of Hridayram Mukhopadhyay, a nephew of Sri Ramakrishna. One has to cross the rivulet Amodar and vast open field to reach the village of Deshra which lies to the north of Joyrambati. Vishnupur and Arambagh are located at twenty-seven miles and about twelve miles and a half respectively from Joyrambati.

The natural scenery of Joyrambati is charming. This village, surrounded on all sides by green pastures, untrimmed meadows, trees and shrubs, breathes a typical rural atmosphere. The area that extends for about half a mile between this village and the Amodar is very fertile and yields all kinds of vegetables and other agricultural products. After the birth of Holy Mother, who is the veritable embodiment of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Fortune, the village began to show distinct signs of prosperity and profusion which were not so much in evidence before her advent.

The main source of irrigating the nearby cultivable lands is the big lake called 'Mother's Tank' where the visitors and the village-folk take bath. It is said that the Holy Mother in her girlhood used to cut aquatic grass for cows in neck-deep water from this very tank. At present water is supplied to this reservoir from the river Amodar by means of an electric pump and is utilized for irrigation of the surrounding fields for the purpose of cultivation. There is, besides, another tank called 'Barujjey pukur' (i.e. Banerjee's tank) which lies on the south-eastern corner of this village and is surrounded with palmyra trees. Since the birth of the Holy Mother, this picturesque village with its sacred traditions has become one of the most holy places of pilgrimage in the world. On one occasion, Holy Mother, after touching the dust of this place with her forehead, remarked, 'One's own mother and the land of birth are even superior to heaven'.