Amodar Ghat (Bathing-Ghat of Holy Mother)

The Rivulet Amodar, which was regarded by the Holy Mother as the Ganga, has formed on the northern out-skirt of the village a sort of a triangular-shaped peninsula which looks exactly like the back of a tortoise. Being dotted with marks of cremation, it presents a picturesque sight that excites a spirit of renunciation by reminding people of the transitoriness of the world. The course of the Amodar is towards the north at this particular place. Swami Saradananda used to meditate daily under the shade of the Amlak (myrobalan) tree that stood in the middle of this small peninsula during his stay at Joyrambati. Yogin-Ma, Golap-Ma and others, after their bath in this sacred river spent much of their time in meditation and in reading of the Gita, Chandi etc. Subsequently, a brick-built bathing-ghat was constructed on the spot where the Holy Mother used to take bath.