The Site of Bhanu-Pishi's House

The ancestral home of Bhanu-pishi who was fortunate enough to receive the blessings of Sri Ramakrishna and was a companion of the Holy Mother in her younger days, stands near the Holy Mother's temple. She was regarded by Holy Mother as her aunt in terms of relationship existing between neighbors in a village. She was married in Phului Shyambazar which is not very far from Joyrambati. After the death of her husband, she came back to her ancestral home at Joyrambati. She entertained a great respect for the Holy Mother whom she looked upon as the Goddess Herself. The Holy Mother in her younger days often repaired to this house of Bhanu-Pishi to get mental peace and solace when the villagers wounded her susceptibilities by describing Sri Ramakrishna as her lunatic husband. The site of that house is seen at a little distance from the Mother's New House (Nutan Bari). Presently the site of Bhanu Pishi's house has been taken over by Sri Sri Matri Mandir and renovated.