Dharma Thakur's Temple

Dharma-Thakur, who is the presiding Deity of the village, enshrined in a small mud- walled thatched house consisting of two rooms. He is worshipped under two different names at two separate places. His temple is located on the north-western corner of the Punya-Pukur. In one of the rooms, there is the tortoise-shaped Dhama-Thakur named Sundaranarayana who is still worshipped by members of the Mukherjee-family by turns, along with Sitala Devi and the stone-emblem of Narayana installed therein. The Goddess Kali was worshipped in the adjoining room, but it has been discontinued for good. There is another brick-built temple of Dharma-Thakur named 'Yatra-Siddhi Ray' who is the family Deity of the Ghosh family. It stands at the western end of the village in front of the Mother's Ghat.