Nutan-Bari (New House) of Holy Mother

With the increase in the number of devotees, various kinds of difficulties cropped up regarding accommodation in the original house. That was why Swami Saradananda bought a piece of land on the western side of the tank called 'Punya Pukur', and got a separate house build thereon for Holy Mother in 1915-16. It was registered in the name of Goddess Jagaddhatri. This new house consists of four mud walled and straw roofed rooms in its four corners. She utilized one of these rooms as her bed-chamber and also for her worship of Sri Ramakrishna. She gave initiation, Brahmacharya and Sannyasa to aspirants in this room also. At present, this room has been converted into temple with a life-sized portrait of the Holy Mother installed therein. The room adjoining it was used as a kitchen whereas the room opposite to the kitchen was occupied by Nalini Didi, niece of the Holy Mother. The remaining room, which faces the west and is now encircled by railings, was reserved for the Holy Mother's worship of the Goddess Jagaddhatri, and, at other times, for the accommodation of devotees. The monastic disciples of Sri Ramakrishna such as Swami Saradananda and Swami Subodhananda and also other devotees lived in that room on the occasion of their visit to Joyrambati.