Puratan-Bari (Old House) of Holy Mother

At the time of the division of properties among the brothers of the Holy Mother, the house where she had so long been living, fell to the share of her brother Prasanna Mukhopadhyay and she lived in that homestead along with him as before for a long time. This dwelling-place is called at present 'Mother's Old House' (Puratan Bari).

The authorities of Belur Math purchased the aforesaid house from the descendants of Prasanna and placed it under the care and supervision of the Ashrama for the preservation of the sacred memories of Holy Mother. She used this house for about fifty-two years (i.e. from1863 to 1915). Many persons received initiation, Brahmacharya and Sannyasa from her in this house and thus it became blessed. Besides, she held the worship of the Goddess Jagaddhatri in this very residence.