Ramakrishna Yogashrama

Ramakrishna Yogashrama, Koalpara is a sub-centre of Sri Sri Matri Mandir, Joyrambati.

Koalpara is one of the places which, like Joyrambati and other nearby villages, is intimately connected with sacred memories of the Holy Mother. She used to take rest in this village on her way to Calcutta via Bishnupur. She called it her parlour and resided several times in this village. An Ashrama (monastery) was started here in the year 1909 and the Holy Mother installed the portraits of Sri Ramakrishna and herself in the Ashrama-shrine and daily worship is since being carried on here. Besides, the Holy Mother lived occasionally in the 'Jagadamba-Ashrama' which belonged to a devotee. It stands very close to the Koalpara-Ashrama at the end of this village.

Apart from observance of daily worship and other festivals Ramakrishna Yogashrama, Kolapara runs a Charitable Homoeopathic Dispensary. It has extended its service in various areas like providing books for poor students, Educational help, Medical help, Umbrellas to poor students, Bicycles to poor students, Tube wells for safe drinking water, Blankets for poor villagers etc.