Ramakrishna Mission Pallimangal

(Integrated Rural Development Project)

Sri Ramakrishnadeva realizes the truth and that truth reached to our heart through the practical life of Sri Maa Saradadevi and Swami Vivekananda. By the inspiration of Revered Swami Vireswaranandaji Maharaj and in order to give the concrete shape of the views of Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother and Swamiji as "Service to Man is Service to God", a Pallimangal unit isstarted in rural area as Ramakrishna Mission Pallimangal, Joyrambati.

Ramakrishna MissionPallimangalhas been working at Joyrambati since 1980. Its main objective is to make an integrated development of the activities for all age groups in the village in all aspects of life including physical, economical, educational, social, cultural and spiritual.

Pallimangal is an inspiration to the Nation, to all individuals and groups of all ages and avocations to mobilize all resources, man power, nature, financial and others towards the all-round development of the people particularly in the rural areas.

Pallimangal activities

Cottage & Small Scale Industry :

Various units in this sector like Weaving, Hosiery, Bag Making, Incense-Stick making and Bee Keeping (Honey Production) are functioning smoothly.

Vocational Training :

Training is imparted to girls and women free of charge so that they can find a source of income. Courses like Computer, Embroidery, Wool-Knitting, Tailoring etc. are organised throughout the year.

Child Nutrition :

Milk, Biscuits, Fruits, Sweets and other nutritious food items distributed among children.