Online Donations

Donations to Sri SriMatri Mandir (Math) and Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Sevashrama (Mission) from Donors within India

This system of Donation is to be used by Donors whose cards/bank accounts are based in India. Donor's PAN is required for Rs. 10,000/- and above.
(This donation form is exclusive for Indian Donors only and should not be used by Foreign Donors. The minimum Amount for donation is Rs. 200/- in aggregate)

Donation Link is directly through State Bank of India. There is no third party. So it is very secure. For selection of Funds, please click Donate now . You can select more than one Fund.

Due to Link problem if you are unable to send donation through Online (Without Bank Details) then please try to send through Electronic Transfer (With Bank Details) provided in our Website. Please mail with your Phone Number to after failure to send both the Online and Electronic Transfer.

Please proceed in this way :

Donation>Donate Now>URL>Check Box >Proceed >West Bengal >Charitable Institution >GO >SRI SRI MATRI MANDIR (in drop down) >Submit >Donation

N.B: *Marks are mandatory. Please do not use Punctuations, Brackets, Inverted comma etc. in Donation Box.

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