It is a well known historical place in West Bengal. During the regime of the Malla Kings it was an invincible fort encircled by seven moats and adored with a plenty of temples. Sri Ramakrishna once told the Holy Mother that Bishnupur was a hidden Vrindaban and that she would be able to see this place in future. The Holy Mother had at that time some misgiving as to the possibility of her visiting the place. But when, with the opening of railways, many people began to go by train to Calcutta via Bishnupur, she also on her way to Calcutta at first went to Bishnupur by a bullock-cart and then from there to Calcutta by train. The prophetic utterance of Sri Ramakrishna was thus fulfilled to the letter a few years after his passing away.

As she was not acquainted with anyone at Bishnupur, she used to take rest there by the side of the two big tanks, namely 'Poka Bundh' and 'Lal Bundh' and had her meals prepared in a nearby wayside inn. Subsequently, the house of Sri Sureswar Sen a great devotee of the Holy Mother, became the resting place of the Mother as also of other devotees.

A very remarkable incident regarding the Holy Mother's grace, took place at the railway station of Bishnupur. A coolie at the very sight of the Holy Mother ran to her and exclaimed in joy 'You are my Janaki'(the Divine consort of Sri Ramachandra). I have been searching for you for a long time. Where had you been so long?' So saying, he began to shed tears of joy profusely. The Holy Mother affectionately consoled him and asked him to bring a flower. He brought it and placed it very reverentially at the feet of the Holy Mother who initiated him then and there and thus fulfilled his long-cherished desire. Thereafter when the whistle for the starting of the train was blown, he along with other coolies shouted with joy, 'Victory unto the Mother Janaki'.

Holy Mother sarada Mrinmoyee Mandir Madanmohan Mandir Madanmohan Mandir Lalbandh

The temple of God Madanmohan is very famous at Bishnupur. There is hearsay to the effect that the image of Madanmohan, which is now to be found in a temple at Baghbazar at Calcutta, formerly belonged to the King of Bishnupur. Besides this, there are still in existence many other temples which show the artistic and architectural skill of that age and testify to the glorious traditions of the past.

There is also a big cannon named 'Dalmadal' which, it is said, the God Madanmohan Himself manned and thereby saved the Kings of Bishnupur from the depredations of enemies. The image of Goddess Mrinmayee is also to be found installed in a temple that stands by the side of the Lal Bundh Tank. Sri Ramakrishna, on the occasion of his visit to Bishnupur, passed into ecstasy at the sight of this Goddess.