This village is about two miles to the west of Joyrambati. Hridayram Mukhopadhyay, a nephew of Sri Ramakrishna, was born in this village, Sri Ramakrishna used to go there very often to see his nephew. Hriday once earnestly requested Sri Ramakrishna to be present in his house during the worship of the Goddess Durga. Though he was not able to be physically present there for some unavoidable reasons, he fulfilled the desire of Hriday by appearing daily there during the worship in his subtle body, and Hriday was mightily glad to see the Master every day during the evening worship and Sandhi-puja. Now-a-days only the remnants of this place of worship (Chandimandap) exist.

Once when Shyamasundari Devi was living with her father in the northern part of Shihar, she had occasion to sit in the dark beside a potter's oven under a bel (bilva) tree. There suddenly issued a jingling sound from the direction of the oven, and a beautiful little girl dressed in a red cloth, came down from the tree. She laid her soft hands round Shyamasundari's neck from behind and said, 'Mother, I have come to your house', whereupon she fell unconscious. Her relatives came searching for her and carried her home. On regaining consciousness she felt as though the little girl had entered her womb.

Mrinmoyee Mandir Madanmohan Mandir

Shihar has the distinction of possessing a stone temple, built after old architectural patterns and dedicated to Shiva under the name Shantinath.The annual celebrations attracted the villagers from far and near who came to hear Kirtana or to witness open air country theatres called Yatra. Duriong one such kirtana at Hriday's house a strange thing happened. Sri Sarada Devi, then a mere child, sat in the lap of woman who asked her in merriment, after the Kirtan, 'Whom among the great number of people, assembled here, would you like to marry?' Sri Sarada at once lifted her two tiny hands and pointed to Sri Ramakrishna sitting not far away. At that time she had no idea of what matrimony was; but the unseen power that guided those little hands saw to the fulfilment of the wishes of that unerring heart.

Sarada Math at Sihar.